My Story

Hi. I'm Melissa.
This is how North Coast Studio was born.

I've been a professional graphic designer for over 30 years. During the Covid shutdown, there was an amazing group of women spreading joy in our town by anonymously gifting bottles of wine to each other. They inspired me to develop a brand identity for the group and produce a collection of giftables. It was a great success but I felt like I could improve on the quality I was getting from online vendors... actually, I really just wanted to make everything myself. So, I bought some fancy equipment and learned a ton of new things. Building an e-commerce web site was my next big adventure. In addition to the wine fairy merch, I designed a few items that celebrate our beautiful city on the lake. Once I opened for business and realized the demand, I made it my mission to design & produce quality apparel & gifts that lovingly promote our town, our schools, our teams, our local businesses, and any wine fairies still flitting around. My dream is to expand beyond Avon Lake to neighboring cities along the North Coast.